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Would you like your images, videos and text converted to a professional Voices of War format? If so, we are happy to help!  Let our team do the work for you, and you will have the finished professional PDF to share with friends and family too. 


Click here for an example:



We can then also upload it directly to the archive, after your approval. 


Send us all the files you wish to include via email to and one of our editors will create a personalised life story, including relavant historical information that we hold that will add to your family history.


Please supply your order number for confirmation.


The file will be emailed to you for approval before we upload it to the archive. 


Turn around time is 48 hours (excluding weekends and event periods). We confirm receipt of your order so please let us know if you do not get a response as it means we do not have your order. 

Professionally designed Life Story

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