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Share your story

Welcome to the 'Share your Story' area where you can upload your files and complete our form to create your own Voices of War Life Story. This will be automatically created and uploaded onto the database within 48 hours to checking. 

How to upload:

1. Our standard upload form is in English. To use other languages, please select your using the 'other languages' button.


2. click the 'share your story' button and enter the requested person details.

3. Add a short introduction of the person, around 500 words - see our example that includes style guidelines.


4. If you have a biography already, this will need to be in a PDF format. Use the button to convert standard file formats to PDF for free.


5. When prompted, you can also add images, video, and audio files - these should be MP3, MP4 or WAV files.

If you have any problems please contact us via the contact form and we will talk you through the process.

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Note to users:

Forms created by our team will appear slightly differently to your uploads. We can produce our layouts perfectly as we have control during the process. The automated form we use for your uploads means we cannot control the size of your uploads, so these need external links. Our primary aim is to allow the public to upload and share family histories as easily and quickly as possible. No long waits for your data to be accessible!


If you would like one of our team to convert your file to a professional format, that please visit our shop for more information, as we have various design, scan and upload options available at a low cost. 


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