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British Casualties

Below is a list of casualties (KIA, missing, injured or captured) during Operation Market Garden, and that appear on our database. This list is being updated daily as we add new Life Stories to our database, and anything underlined is a live file. 


If you have a casualty you would like to add, please get in touch via "share your Story" above, or

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Killed in Action:                                                                    Prisoners of War:

  - William Loney                                                                   - Sandy Cortmann

  - Gordon Matthews                                                             - Freddie Deane 

  - Ronald Frederick Fletcher                                                - Gerald Flamberg

  - Geoffrey Rennie Briggs

  - George Proudfoot 

  - Conway Dennis Richardson

  - William Nelson Thompson

  - Clement Maxton Beadmore

  - Raymond Halliday

  - Jack Carr

  - Corporal Thomas Edgar

  - Thomas Stanley

  - Harry Vasey

  - George Wilson

  - Gilbert Anderson


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